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'Quantum leap' needed to give 'traumatised' man bail

CONCERNS about a man's mental health do not equate to an undisputed need for urgent treatment, a court has heard.

Marcoola and former Fraser Coast man Chad John Runnalls has spent more than two months in custody.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard Runnalls was accused of breaching suspended jail terms when he allegedly offended in October and December last year.

Runnalls has been accused of breaking into a Coolum pharmacy in December.

Police then allegedly found 61 packets of prescription drugs, a sledgehammer and $5413 cash in his car.

On Thursday, defence counsel Kevin Kelso said Runnalls had an abusive upbringing and needed help addressing past trauma.

Mr Kelso told a bail application the trauma directly influenced the alleged offending.

He said his client needed help but it was "difficult to get someone out to see him while he's in custody”.

He then proposed allowing Runnalls attend a Sunshine Coast treatment centre, saying it would be "tantamount to quasi-custody”.

Mr Kelso said Runnalls had taken steps towards getting rehab before he was arrested.

A prosecutor said the Crown's main concern was the "significant” re-offending risk Runnalls presented.

Justice David Boddice said no recent psychiatric report suggested Runnalls needed the treatment proposed.

"I have considerable sympathy. My concern is there is a lack of material at the moment supportive of the idea he needs in-patient treatment,” he said.

The judge said he was worried what might happen if bail was granted but the inpatient centre then decided Runnalls did not need treatment.

Justice Boddice said a "big quantum leap” was needed from having concerns about mental health to insisting somebody must have in-patient treatment.

Justice Boddice adjourned the matter.

He said Mr Kelso was welcome to make contact at "short notice” if Runnalls' case needed to be heard urgently.

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