ALL-ROUND FOCUS: Ipswich Hockey regional coaching director Hugh Hocking is pleased to see people being honoured for their on-field and community achievements.
ALL-ROUND FOCUS: Ipswich Hockey regional coaching director Hugh Hocking is pleased to see people being honoured for their on-field and community achievements. Rob Williams

Quality everywhere: Check out Ipswich's top achievers

HAVING previously seen "small scale'' club awards during his time in Victoria, Hugh Hocking has been impressed with Ipswich's commitment to recognising top achievers.

Ipswich Hockey's regional coaching director is delighted with what is being presented at  Friday night's annual Gala dinner at Brothers Leagues Club.

Eight months into his new job, Hocking enjoyed seeing the quality list of people in contention for a variety of well-deserved awards.

"We've got a really good batch of finalists this year for the senior excellence awards,'' he said.

However, it's not only having players earn representative honours like Queensland Country selection that captured his attention.

"It's about what they have contributed to the community at large as well as their playing achievements,'' he said.

In addition to the Barry Dancer and Amy Korner Excellence honours, Ipswich Hockey acknowledges its volunteers, masters performers, junior achievers and umpires.

"It's a really good way to reward everyone for putting the hours in over the course of the year and giving back to the community as well,'' he said.

"The structure and function of the dinner is great. It's a good way to bring on grand final week.''

Ipswich Hockey's awards program has been in place for a number of years.

The September 6 function is on the eve of Ipswich junior grand final day and senior preliminary finals.

The senior grand finals follow the next weekend at the Ipswich Hockey Complex.

Hocking is enjoying his regional coaching role, eager to keep learning having moved up from Melbourne.

"I'm having a great time,'' he said.

"I think everything is starting to come together and to fruition and I think it's going to be a really productive off-season.''

Finalists for the 2019 Ipswich Hockey awards being presented at the September 6 Gala dinner at Brothers Leagues Club.

Barry Dancer Excellence Award: Blake Douglas, Sam Morgan, Zac Profke.

Amy Korner Excellence Award: Natalie Davison, Layla Eleison, Sara Rogers, Jess Wilkinson.

Masters Excellence Award: Lyn Brown, June Nicholls, Terry Wode.

Paul Mantell Volunteer of the Year: Leanne Haley, Natalie Jordan, Heather Scott, Denis Tierney.

Senior Player of the Year: A-Grade men - Kyle Sippel (Easts), Kai Douglas (Hancock Brothers), Zac Profke (Norths), Trent Davison (Wests).

A-Grade women: Caleisha Harper (Hancock Brothers), Jessica Fox (Norths), Jessica Dodd (Swifts), Amy Kickbusch (Wests).

Reserve Grade women: Ashleigh Martin (Bellbowrie), Gemma Hoppe (Easts), Aimee McDermott (Hancock Brothers), Zoe Fox (Norths), Rebecca Finn (Swifts), Nicole Yearbury (Thistles), Janet Peters (Wests Black), Caitlin Canty (Wests White).

Reserve Grade men: Lachlan Pomerenke (Bellbowrie), Chris Mantell (Easts), Dean Pavitt (Hancock Brothers), Kellan Morrow (Norths), Dean Pamenter (Wests).

R2 men: Andrew Gawthorne (Easts), Finlay Lynch (Hancock Brothers), Joshua Wardell (Hancock Brothers), Terry Wode (Norths), Domonic Muhling (Wests).

R2 women: Summa Salis (Bellbowrie), Tahni Adie (Easts), Amy Siebenhausen (Hancock Brothers), Kathy Burns (Norths), Aimee Geeves (Swifts), Rachel FitzGerald (Vets), Trinity Manson (Wests).

A2 men: Connor Adcock (Bellbowrie), Adam Payne (Collegians), Pierce Siebenhausen (Hancock Brothers), Wade Pascoe (Norths), Jeffrey Pamenter (Wests) .

A2 women: Shannon Ashton (Bellbowrie), Kylie Prasser (Collegians), Fiona Riley (Hancock Brothers), Sarah Cooper (Norths), Kim Ward (Swifts Blue), Pru Wallace (Swifts Red), Loretta Steele (Thistles), Melissa Szepanowski (Vets), Jayne Goetsch (Wests).

Junior Player of the Year: Male - Archie Cameron, Isaac Jordan, Riley Profke, Austin Smith, Rhys Stenzel.

Female: Lile Lenaghan, Paige Mole, Hannah Petersen, Hayley Petersen, Dakota Wenzel-Stephan.

Umpire: Basil Coker Award (for umpiring achievement) - Jessica Fox, Kyle Jackson, Christina Nipperess-Sims, Natalie Walker.

Herb Eleison Award (for service to umpiring): Steven Rogers, Leonie Young.