QT’s name and shame: 13 drink and drug drivers

Beer bust ute driver nearly four times limit

TRITON ute driver Nathan Blanch was seen by police swerving all over the road in Wulkuraka. A roadside chat and a breath test showed an alcohol reading of .192 – nearly four times the legal limit.

But Blanch later failed to provide a specimen for a more accurate alcohol test and was charged.

Nathan Peter Blanch, 36, from Wulkuraka, pleaded guilty in Ipswich Magistrates Court to failing to provide a breath specimen for testing at Wulkuraka on March 18. When magistrate Virginia Sturgess said she was concerned that he may have an alcohol problem given his previous offences, Blanch said no, and that he did not have a problem. When asked if a loss of driver’s licence would impact his work, he said “I can walk to work.”

Prosecutor, Sergeant Brad Dick said Blanch was behind the wheel of a Mitsubishi Triton ute just before 6pm when police saw it swerving and going onto the wrong side of the road.

When it turned into a driveway and stopped police spoke to the driver. Sgt Dick said Blanch got out of the ute carrying a carton of beer under one arm which he put on the ground.

“His eyes were blood shot and he had to use the ute as an aid to stand up,” Sgt Dick said.

“It was an effort to get his licence out of his wallet.

“He says at first he was not the driver. (Then) admitted drinking liquor at a friend’s house nearby.” Sgt Dick said Blanch was taken to the police station and given several opportunities to provide a breath specimen but failed to do so.

“His registration plates were confiscated for seven days.”

“I admitted I was drinking,” Blanch told the magistrate.

“I’ve sold my motor vehicle. I don’t think I’ve got an alcohol problem.”

Ms Sturgess said she thought that with four drink driving offences Blanch may well have a problem.

“That’s since I was 17,” said Blanch.

Ms Sturgess said his references show that he is well regarded but she was concerned by history with previous alcohol readings of .156, .091, .108 in 2019, and now today’s offence with a roadside reading of .192.

“I think you do have an alcohol problem,” Ms Sturgess said.

Blanch was fined $1200 and his licence disqualified 9 months, which took into account it had bene suspended since the day of the offence.

Bradly John Bullock, 44, from Fernvale, pleaded guilty to drink driving and driving when unlicensed at Fernvale on February 22. Sentenced to 1 month jail and disqualified 14 months for the drink driving. And sentenced to 2 months jail and disqualified 3 months for driving when unlicensed.

Steven Robert Arthur Rankin, 30, from Crestmead, pleaded guilty to drug positive driving in Augustine heights on May 11. Disqualified 2 months and fined $350.

Douglas Morgan Smith, 56, from Boonah, pleaded guilty to driving UIL in Boonah on February 14. Licence disqualified 6 months.

Laurence Edward Waite, 33, from Leichhardt, fined $400 and disqualified 3 months when he pleaded guilty to drink driving in Bundamba on June 19.

Warwick Michael Baker, 44, from Aratula, was disqualified from driving for 16 months when he pleaded guilty to two charges of drink driving at Aratula on February 22.

Craig Alan Booth, 54, from Camira, pleaded guilty to drink driving at Ipswich on January 17. Lost his licence 2 months and fined $250.

Daniel Edward Glindemann, 35, from Toowong, pleaded guilty to driving when drug positive at Riverview on February 13. Fined $300 and licence disqualified 1 month.

Matthew Greg Holmes, 37, from Caboolture, was fined $500 and licence disqualified 3 months when he pleaded guilty to drink driving/put in motion motor vehicle at North Ipswich on June 7.

Dorothy Anne Kapor, 58, from Camira, fined $300 and licence disqualified 1 month when she pleaded guilty to drug driving in Goodna on November 28, 2019.

Tasha Liesegang, 29, from Kepnock, pleaded guilty to driving when drug positive on an L/P licence in Brassall on February 11. And her licence disqualified 3 months.

William Mark Owen, 42, from North Ipswich, pleaded guilty to drug driving when on an L/P licence at Wulkuraka on April 11. Fined $400 and licence disqualified 3 months.

Russell Terry Barrett, 63, from Jamboree Heights, pleaded guilty to driving when drug positive at Redbank on February 4. Fined $250 and lost his licence for 1 month.