IF THERE'S a consensus that older readers are reluctant to make the switch to digital after a lifetime of picking up the Queensland Times, then consider June Kay the odd one out.

Age has proven no barrier to this tech savvy nonagenarian, who has already got herself a tablet and sorted her QT digital subscription long before the final printed edition of our 161-year-old paper hit the presses.

A lifelong reader, June will miss her printed paper, but she also won't go without her daily news, and has been keen to teach herself to access the QT on her tablet.

"I feel a bit disappointed that the old QT is going," Mrs Kay said.

"As my daughter said to me; it's just this generation and the way things are going.

"I have been reading the paper as long as I can remember.

"There was always a paper around the house at East Ipswich and even when we lived up the Sushine Coast for a while we used to get the QT.

"It becomes part of your daily routine. You always have a reason to go out and have a read."

Mrs Kay, who turned 90 earlier this year, has no fear of new technology, despite the fact she occasionally has a few challenges in finding news and information she used to locate with ease in the printed paper.

The puzzles and crosswords are one of her favourite parts of the QT and this was one aspect of the digital product she found tricky to navigate.

As the QT moves into an all digital format after today, our remaining team will be doing its utmost to make life as straightforward as possible for those loyal readers who have supported us through thick and thin over the decades.

Most of all, the QT will be focused on delivering the latest news and information as it comes to hand.

And for those who love their puzzles, the puzzles tile is within the Subscribers Exclusive container (you must be subscribed and logged in to see the container).

Alternatively you can access them by going to the burger menu, then clicking >Lifestyle>Today's Puzzle.