Qld Sports Minister should be sin-binned


Mick de Brenni, Queensland's frequently bedevilled Sports Minister, reckons that if he's guilty of anything its benevolence.

Apparently, it was an innate sense of altruism which brought him to the conclusion that sports clubs in LNP electorates didn't deserve the grant funding recommended by his department.

He's insisted it was magnanimity that made him redirect the money to Labor seats, including a couple of generous grants for his own marginal seat of Springwood.

De Brenni prefers to point to figures in the report showing he only personally fiddled with one per cent of the 2900 competitive grant recommendations subject to the Auditor-General's review and that the overall proportion shared between Labor and LNP seats was precisely the same.

Sports Minister Mick de Brenni. Picture: Steve Pohlner
Sports Minister Mick de Brenni. Picture: Steve Pohlner

Yet the review also showed total grants awarded in the Logan/Beaudesert region, which is made up of mostly Labor seats, including De Brenni's own, was $27.6 million while the average allocation elsewhere in southeast Queensland was just $7.4 million.

Seem fair?

But total dollar figures can be misleading because some areas are bigger than others, right?

The problem with that is that the Logan/Beaudesert area also received $81 on a per person basis while elsewhere in the southeast corner the average was $20.

Seem fair?

But each area is different with diverse demands, right?

Yet in neighbouring Brisbane South, where the average income is similar and the number of overweight kids the same, the locals received just the standard amount.

De Brenni might believe it's fair that his decisions favoured Labor electorates and that his own region got almost four times the funding than everyone else.

But there will be clubs across Queensland that missed out which will be convinced the Sports Minister should be sin-binned.

Originally published as Qld Sports Minister should be sin-binned