QLD records 0 new cases, 440 quarantined



Nineteen Queenslanders have now tested negative to COVID-19 after visiting the Crossroads Hotel in New South Wales.

It joins news of zero new cases in Queensland overnight.

Since last Friday 1086 people have been turned around at the border and police have checked more than 23,700 domestic passengers at the state's airports.

Of those, 440 people have been placed into quarantine with 29 turned around.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said she understood the frustrations at delays at the borders but reiterated these measures were absolutely vital to protect Queensland.

"It's important that I share the latest information from our border so all Queenslanders are able to understand the scope of this important undertaking and just why we cannot afford to become complacent," she said.


Originally published as QLD records 0 new cases, 440 quarantined