Lyn Clout makes the state’s best scones.
Lyn Clout makes the state’s best scones.

Where you’ll find Qld’s best scones

A ROAD trip to Julia Creek should be on the cards for all Queenslanders, as the Premier has named the small town the home of the state's best scones.

The town has suffered relentless drought and floods, but in a tea room at the Queensland Country Women's Association the locals are serving up the state's best scones to raise money.

Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk recently visited the QCWA to donate $50,000 to their rural crisis fund, and stumbled across Lyn Clout who implored her to try a scone.

"I couldn't say no to Lyn's confident boast," Ms Palaszczuk said.

"And yes, her scones really are a more-ish delight. They are the best I've tasted in Queensland."


Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk is treated to Lyn Clout’s scones.
Premier Annastacia Palaszcuk is treated to Lyn Clout’s scones.


Ms Clout said she sampled 20 recipes she found on Google before finding the one that tantalised her tastebuds, but the secret was not the recipe but to not touch the dough too much.

In peak season she will make 10 dozen scones a day, and sell out completely within three hours, with customers lining up and travelling far and wide for a taste.

The scones were also a hit with the 30 truck drivers and many more Outback travellers stranded in the tiny town of 400 people for days during the floods last month.

"They've just been a massive hit, pretty much all around Australia," Ms Clout said.

"I had a story of a lady travelling to Hughenden from the south, who went out of her trip to come and have a scone - it is a tourist experience."

Ms Palaszczuk said in the Year of Outback Tourism, she encouraged everyone who was planning a trip to help Outback communities to put Julia Creek on their list.

"The QCWA are renowned for their tea-and-scones hospitality, but Lyn Clout's baked delights served of course with jam and fresh cream are Queensland's standouts," she said.