Qantas plane in emergency landing at Brisbane airport

A Qantas passenger plane has had to make an emergency landing at Brisbane airport.

The plane, carrying 64 passengers, declared an emergency about 9.25am.  

According to a Brisbane Airport spokeswoman, the plane had reported problems with its landing gear when it called for help and permission to land.  

The aeroplane, a Qantas Dash 8, successfully landed on a Brisbane Airport runway.  

It's understood the landing gears were eventually able to be deployed.  

There have been no reports of injuries.  

The flight had travelled from Newcastle.  

A Qantas spokeswoman said the plane had made a "priority landing … after receiving an indication light in the cockpit about a potential issue with the landing gear".  

"The pilots followed standard procedures and required checklists for this type of event. The flight landed safely at Brisbane Airport."  

The Dash 8 Q400 had to be towed back to the terminal.

Originally published as Qantas plane in emergency landing at Brisbane airport