Qantas has floated the idea of a possible change to its all-inclusive approach.
Qantas has floated the idea of a possible change to its all-inclusive approach.

Qantas’ surprising question to passengers

QANTAS has floated the idea of introducing a "pay as you use" pricing scheme that would charge passengers separately for checked bags, food and in-flight entertainment.

The carrier asked for feedback on the possibility of the new pricing model in a survey to frequent flyers, Australian Business Traveller reports.

The "pay as you use" approach has already been introduced on British Airways, Air New Zealand, Delta, United and American Airlines.

It entitles passengers to only an economy seat when they book their flights. Passengers then have the option of paying for any extras they want, including seat selection, checked luggage, food and drink and in-flight entertainment.

Qantas raised the possibility of the new pricing scheme in a survey sent to its Qantas Advisory Panel - a select group of frequent flyers who offered feedback to the airline.

The members were asked for their thoughts on whether it should be introduced on flights between Australia and New Zealand.

"By 'pay as you use' we mean the ability to purchase a base fare, then add on items such as baggage, food and beverage, in-flight entertainment (and) seat choice for an additional cost - only as you require them," the survey said.

It would be a huge change for the Flying Kangaroo, which offers an all-inclusive, full-service experience to passengers.

But Qantas told it was merely putting the question out there and didn't necessarily intend to make any changes to its pricing model.

"We often ask questions to get a sense of what the market thinks but that doesn't

mean we intend to do something," a spokesman for the airline said.

"Specifically on this question, we have no intention on unbundling our fares.

"Given we're in the middle of rolling out free Wi-Fi, we are clearly committed to being a full service airline."