Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale back when he was excited about the city being named in the top seven smart cities in the world.
Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale back when he was excited about the city being named in the top seven smart cities in the world. David Nielsen

Pyne's Pisasale dirt-file is 'bullsh*t'

ROB Pyne's explosive dirt file on Paul Pisasale has been slammed from all angles.

On Wednesday the Cairns MP tabled a four-page attack document in parliament alleging the former Ipswich mayor engaged in inappropriate behaviour during his years as a councillor and as mayor.

But key players named in the documents have denied the allegations. One has labelled it "bullsh*t", and Queensland police maintain allegations of leaking had been investigated and dismissed.

The allegations, protected under parliamentary privilege, include:

- Mr Pisasale pressured local shops for free meals, haircuts and electrical goods;

- He used a "loophole" to keep unspent election campaign expenses;

- Ipswich police communication staffer Cate Carter leaked information to Mr Pisasale and he helped her unsuccessful run for council;

- Mr Pisasale took public servants out to dinner to find out secrets;

- Council-run companies were not financially transparent and may be operating while insolvent.

Mr Pyne tabled the documents as part of his ongoing campaign for an independent corruption watchdog to be established to investigate local government corruption.

Mr Pisasale did not respond to a request for comment on the documents, but the Local Government Association of Queensland slammed Mr Pyne.

LGAQ chief Greg Hallam said Mr Pyne's attacks against local governments were "completely unacceptable".

"Such an inquiry is simply not warranted given the ongoing Crime and Corruption Commission's Operation Belcara and other official inquiries which have established that all of Mr Pyne's allegations - always made under the cover of parliamentary privilege - are without foundation," he said.

"There is a clear pattern to his behaviour, which is completely unacceptable and only serves to devalue the honest and hard-working efforts of the many hundreds of councillors, and many thousands of council staff, across Queensland who continue to strive to do the very best for their local communities."

Ipswich City Council on Wednesday night denied the claims, stating all council-run companies are audited annually and published financial information online.

"The companies report to the council twice a year. No directors are paid for their services. There is full accountability and transparency," a spokesman said.

Ms Carter also denied the allegations she leaked police information to Mr Pisasale, or that he helped her run for council.

The documents alleged Ms Carter would leak Safe City camera footage to Mr Pisasale who would send it to media outlets. Safe City is a council-run CCTV program.

Ms Carter told Fairfax Media the allegations were "bullsh*t". She said knew Mr Pisasale but had never spoken to him about police matters.

"He's got his own procedures if he wants stuff and the newspapers have got their own procedures if they need stuff. There's no reason to go through me," she said.

A Queensland Police spokeswoman said the allegations had already been investigated and not substantiated.

"A staff member has been the subject of two complaints encompassing several allegations, including the unauthorised access and release of information," she said.

"These allegations have not been in relation to specific raids, arrests or accidents. Following a thorough investigation, the complaints were not substantiated and no further action will be taken."

Acting Mayor Paul Tully said Mr Pyne's actions were "disgraceful" and called for him to resign.

"This is a very low act from the coward's castle of Parliament," he said.

"There is no evidence that he has provided. It's just mere innuendo.

"I think Mr Pyne should consider his position and probably resign."

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