Push for tyre levy on all imports


Tyre prices would rise under a new plan to subsidise the "prohibitive" cost of sustainably disposing tyres that are being illegally dumped across the state.

The Courier-Mail can reveal the Local Government Association of Queensland's (LGAQ) proposal to impose a tyre levy on all tyres imported into Australia.

It comes in response to the astronomical cost of disposing the 17 million tyres that are illegally disposed of or are sent to council landfills across Australia every year.

As it stands, the cost of sustainably disposing tyres can be more than six times the cost of shredding, which the LGAQ says creates a "significant issue" for regional councils.

Murweh Shire Council, in central Queensland, was this year slugged with a $220,000 bill to sustainably dispose of a 500-tonne collection of tyres held at its refuse station.

It compares with a $35,000 cost for shredding that same number of tyres.

Consequently, the group will lobby for a government mandated tariff to subsidise the costs of sustainably disposing tyres.

Tyre Stewardship Australia currently operates a voluntary scheme collecting 25 cents per passenger tyre from member importers.

The LGAQ will call for the federal government to mandate this levy for all imported tyres, under a motion passed in the associations annual meeting on Wednesday.

The funds generated from the levy would be distributed to councils to subsidise the cost of sustainably disposing illegally dumped tyres.

The LGAQ would also consider asking for that levy to be extended to Australian produced tyres.

A statement from the LGAQ about the motion said that it would place "mandated responsibility on the supply and not on the disposal stage (and) would provide much needed revenue to assist councils responding to this difficult challenge""

"If it's going to be an extra cost to council to get rid of those tires, we want the federal government to charge those big companies," ­Murweh Shire Mayor Shaun Radnedge said.

Originally published as Push for tyre levy on all imports