The team at Hyundai Springfield which has just opened the doors
The team at Hyundai Springfield which has just opened the doors Darren Hallesy

More jobs as first of many new car dealerships opens

IN what is expected to be the first of several car dealerships to open the doors in the next few years, the team at Springfield Hyundai have been overwhelmed by the response from the community.

As part of the Keema Group which has been operating in south east Queensland for more than 60 years, the new dealership is a purpose-built facility which will handle new car sales, service for all brands and used car sales.

Currently, of the 12 staff at the dealership, all but one are local employees.

David Brown has been in the industry for over 20 years, and as the dealer principal, is the person in charge of a new business, but with decades of experience behind it.

"Springfield Hyundai is part of the Keema Group, and that gives me access to so much," David said. "For example I have access access to a huge amount of vehicle storage in Springwood with more than 700 cars. It's not like I'm a standalone dealer, if someone wants a particular colour Tuscon for example, chances are we will have it in stock.

"Right now we have 12 staff, and over time that will probably double. Being the first dealer in Springfield is a wonderful challenge, and a huge opportunity."

David said that while the doors have been open over the last two weeks, he and the staff have been struck by a strong sense of belonging in the suburb.

"I get such a sense of a love for the community here, I'm amazed how much people know what is going on here and how passionate they are about the place," he said.

"A man came in last week to tell me the bakery down the road makes the best chicken salad sandwiches in town, and that I should try the food platters at IGA. That's all he wanted, and I love that."


Hyundai Springfield
Hyundai Springfield Darren Hallesy

Every year, 1.1 million new cars are sold in Australia, and now that the first dealership has opened in Springfield, it is a sign of not only confidence in the area, but of bigger things to come.

"I've been in this industry a long time and I think it is one of the most vibrant to be in for the sole reason it is constantly changing. Look at the cars made in the early 1900s, and just a hundred or so years later look how far things have come.

"I felt that at this stage of my life, it was time for a new challenge, and this was a great move. I've had to let go of all my other work to solely focus on this dealership and I'm certainly up for it. We're already talking to other brands, as this is just stage one of what will be several car dealerships."

Springfield Hyundai has employed all local staff, and one job had over 250 applications come in

"People want to work in this industry, and they want to work locally.

"Myself and my staff are loving being here, when the sun goes down over Springfield in the afternoon it is just spectacular, and we are all excited to be here."

Springfield Hyundai is now open on Augusta Parkway