ON a little farm about 90 minutes' drive from Brisbane lives a rag-tag bunch of rescue animals.

There are three-legged cats, a 31-year-old ex-race horse and a couple of other nags rescued from the glue factory, two cows saved from the butcher's hook, a half-blind chook and a duck with a broken wing that will never heal.

Locally known as Gutsy Freaks Inc, this idyllic rural retreat was once a place of peace and solitude - until one of its residents fell head over heels in love with someone well and truly outside of her species.

Cue Nigella the pig and Sebastian the eight-month-old great Dane.

Nigella, who is barely 12 months old, recently started trying to suckle her leggy mate Sebastian.

Soon suckling turned to …  well, let's call it some extremely loud and strange un-pig-like behaviour.

Love is great for Nigella.
Love is great for Nigella.

Nigella and Sebastian's human mum recorded the pig and pooch's weird display of affection.

It's clear from the video that Sebastian is anything but impressed by 100kg Nigella's passion.

The Dane puppy - who barely weighs 50kg - has one heck of time trying to dodge his black-and-white spotted paramour's attempts at love-making.