Public transport 'in crisis' in rural parts of Ipswich

RESIDENTS in regional Australia are finding it difficult to attend volunteering roles and appointments due to a crippling lack of public transport.

People living in rural communities like Toogoolawah are struggling to move around, with no public transport services available, resident Beryce Nelson believes.

"The lack of public transport in Australia is a fundamental issue in our democracy," she said.

Mrs Nelson said regions in other continents across the globe were better serviced.

"We would have a bus service in the regions where we live, a bus service that went around the region," she said.

"I am continually surprised at the lack of public transport in rural areas around Australia."

Mrs Nelson said major parties had failed to provide vision and support to improve mobility of people in regional areas.

"It's a real problem," she said.

"We're heading towards a crisis in rural towns.

"We're not talking remote Australia, we're talking 100 km from Brisbane with no public transport."

A bus arrives from Ipswich to Toogoolawah at 6.15am and returns at 8pm.

"You couldn't call that a public transport service," she said. "If you're wanting to do to the doctor or the dentist, there's no bus service that takes you in and around the regions."

Mrs Nelson said school bus services should be maintained and used to carry residents outside peak times.