Chris Ison

Public but not private schools may lose federal funding

PRIME Minister Malcolm Turnbull has mooted potentially cutting all federal government funding for public schools, but continuing to fund the nation's private schools.

He said as part of his plan to allow states to get a share of the income tax revenue the Commonwealth receives, there was a "very powerful case" for the federal government to stop funding public schools.

Mr Turnbull said on ABC Radio this morning that the states would then have all the responsibility for state schools, and the tax share would mean "they have the resources as well".

But he said if the plan was taken up by premiers at a COAG meeting tomorrow in Canberra, the federal government would likely continue to fund private schools.

The income tax plan has received a mixed reception from state leaders ahead of the meeting, mainly due to a lack of policy details actually released by the Turnbull government to date.