worlds unsolved murders and psychic theories
worlds unsolved murders and psychic theories

Psychic theories on the world’s unsolved murders

THEY are the baffling and horrific crimes that years later are still left unsolved. As the leads run cold, police and the loved ones of victims have turned to psychics to help provide vital clues.

Despite efforts to find the bodies of the victims so they can be laid to rest, their whereabouts remain a mystery.

As the leads run cold, police have turned to the help of psychics to provide insights which might become vital clues.

In other cases, controversial clairvoyants have voluntarily stepped in to provide their own views - often with divisive results.

Peter Falconio

Eighteen years after his death, the case of murdered British backpacker Peter Falconio still casts a shadow over central Australia.

The 28-year-old, from Yorkshire, was killed when he pulled over by Bradley John Murdoch on the isolated Stuart Highway in July 2001, north of Alice Springs.

The body of Peter Falconio, pictured with Joanne Lees, has never been found.
The body of Peter Falconio, pictured with Joanne Lees, has never been found.

Murdoch also handcuffed Joanne Lees, who had been touring with her boyfriend in their Kombi van, but she managed to escape.

Murdoch, convicted of murdering Falconio on July 14, 2001, has never disclosed where he dumped Mr Falconio's body.

In 2010, News Corp Australia journalist Paul Toohey went on a bizarre outback search with psychic Lorelle Trickett in a bid to locate the body of the missing murder victim.

Ms Trickett, a retired welfare officer from the NSW Central Coast, used crystals and welding rods as guides in the search for Mr Falconio's burial site.

She said she had the impression it was near a mountain range but the search proved fruitless.


Lorelle Trickett went on a search for Peter Falconio’s burial site. Picture: Brad Hunter
Lorelle Trickett went on a search for Peter Falconio’s burial site. Picture: Brad Hunter

It wasn't the first time that psychics had been involved in the hunt for Mr Falconio's remains.

In 2003, Melbourne-based crime author Robin Bowles launched a search with the help of three clairvoyants near Barrow Creek, where Mr Falconio went missing.

Workers directed by the clairvoyants used digging equipment to hunt for the remains north of the town of Alice Springs.

But two days of digging failed to turn up anything.

Bowles said she funded the expedition herself, after the three clairvoyants each separately identified a site near a dry river bed outside Barrow Creek as the place where Mr Falconio's body was to be found.


William Tyrrell

The case of missing three-year-old William Tyrrell one of Australia's most devastating mystery disappearances.

William disappeared in September 2014 from his foster grandmother's house in Kendall, south of Port Macquarie in NSW.

Last week, high-profile American psychic detective Pam Coronado claimed to have seen the missing child after a student asked her to tune into the case during a lecture in California.

"My students were curious what I would come up with, so I did a session on him," she told True Crime Australia.

William Tyrrell went missing in September 2014.
William Tyrrell went missing in September 2014.

Ms Coronado said William Tyrrell seemed happy when she visualised him.

"I expected him to not be alive and so, when I first tuned into him, I usually try to touchdown to where they are and immediately saw this kid eating a sandwich and I thought, 'ah he's alive'. I just don't think he is dead.

"I kept feeling it was Western Australia but it wasn't clear for me, I kept thinking also he went to a private school, which I then went on to describe, and he appears to be with someone he knows.

"There was a guy who looked like a grown up version of William, looked just like him and he was on a motorbike, was like a cool character. I saw him (William) in some sort of academy like a music or religious school, it had that feeling. Navy blue shirt and shorts, a uniform.

"He didn't seem to be under duress, he seemed happy and it felt like the person he was with he felt happy and safe with. What blows my mind is that can be possible."

Ms Coronado said she rarely went to police unsolicited, but detectives in the US would reach out to her.


The Beaumont children

In 1967, controversial Dutch clairvoyant Gerard Croiset was adamant. The remains of the Beaumont children - who disappeared in Adelaide on Australia Day in 1966 - would be found under a concrete floor in an Adelaide factory.

"This is where they are buried," he explained through a translator, standing on a concrete floor in the recently renovated building.

Croiset's story was revisited in a moving Crime Investigation Australia special on Foxtel in January 2018.


Jane, Grant and Arnna Beaumont disappeared after a day out at Glenelg beach.
Jane, Grant and Arnna Beaumont disappeared after a day out at Glenelg beach.


The doco tracked the continuing investigations into the disappearance of Arnna, Grant and Jane Beaumont after a trip to Glenelg beach.

The concrete floor Croiset was standing on was dug up after a publicly funded campaign in 1967, because the police had dismissed his claims. No remains were found.

The factory site in Somerset Park Croiset mentioned is just five kilometres away from the one at North Plympton that police evacuated last year.

Police dug up the site of the old Castalloy factory in Adelaide, in the hope they would find a trace of the three children.

The search did not find the missing siblings.


Police dig up the site of the old Castalloy factory in 2018. Picture: Greg Higgs
Police dig up the site of the old Castalloy factory in 2018. Picture: Greg Higgs


Sightings of the three Beaumont children at Glenelg Beach on the day they disappeared put them in the company of a tall, blond, thin-faced man with a suntan.

After playing at the beach on January 26, 1966, Jane, Arnna and Grant were seen with the man soon before they vanished.


Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann's parents have turned down help from a psychic to track down their daughter who has been missing for 12 years, it was reported last month.

Kate and Gerry insisted they still have "complete confidence in Scotland Yard" as the investigation into the possible abduction continues.

Three-year-old Maddie vanished from a holiday apartment in Portugal's Praia da Luz in 2007 - but her disappearance still remains a mystery.

Despite millions being spent on the case, no one has been convicted and the hunt for Maddie continues.


Kate and Gerry McCann have never given up the search for their daughter Madeleine. Picture: Getty Images
Kate and Gerry McCann have never given up the search for their daughter Madeleine. Picture: Getty Images

In 2012, controversial TV psychic David Acorah was forced to apologise to the little girl's parents after he claimed that Maddie was dead.

Mr Acorah told The Sun that a messenger from the spirit world had told him:

"She's not on this earth any more".

The medium, who allegedly "sickened" the McCann family with his predictions, said the little girl would soon be reincarnated after joining the "spirit world".

Mr Acorah said: "I know her parents are convinced Maddie is alive and I'm really sorry - but the little one has been over in the spirit world for some time."

In a bizarre interview, based on information Mr Acorah claimed he had received from a spirit guide, he told The Sun: "I don't think it'll be long before she reincarnates."


Murder of Sydney nurses

A psychic has told of 'witnessing' the murders of two Sydney nurses in the 1970s - an act so "vile and disgusting" she is still haunted by it.

In her book Clues From Beyond, Debbie Malone, has been assisting Australian police for more than two decades, claims to have seen of the horrifying 1974 murders of Sydney nurses Lorraine Wilson, 20, and Wendy Evans, 18.

She said she had visions of the young women being tied up and raped by numerous men.

The pair were holidaying in Queensland in September and October 1974, but their remains were not found until June 1976 when two bush walkers discovered them in bushland at Murphys Creek near Toowoomba.

Sydney nurse Lorraine Wilson was murdered in 1974.
Sydney nurse Lorraine Wilson was murdered in 1974.

Malone didn't know anything about the Murphys Creek atrocity until she was taken to the murder scene by the producers of Channel 9 show Sensing Murder.

She was given a Victorian gold ring to "tune into" and then flew to Queensland from Sydney. Their destination was an isolated road that was somewhere near where Lorraine and Wendy were killed.

"I got out of the car and was asked to go and locate the scene - and I went straight into it."

She said the girls "guided" her there.

"It has to be one of the most vile and disgusting cases I've ever worked on. The things those poor girls were subjected to was just horrific."

Malone told the case still haunted her.

"I returned there in December 2015 with a Japanese production company. Even after all these years - the location has been changed, a lot of it has been cleared - but the feeling if the place was so eerie. It brought even the film crew to tears when they went in with me."

In 2013, Queensland state coroner Michael Barnes found that Wayne "Boogie" Hilton, along with other unidentified men, killed Ms Wilson and Ms Evans.

Wayne "Boogie" Hilton died in a car crash in 1986.

Barnes also found that local police were aware of the gang's violent reputation for raping women but failed to investigate the deaths of Wilson and Evans properly.


Hayley Dodd

In 1999, teenager Hayley Dodd vanished in 1999 while walking along a remote road in Western Australia's Wheatbelt.

In January 2018, Justice Lindy Jenkins found Francis John Wark lured the teenager into the borrowed ute he was driving in July 1999 and killed her in the course of a sexual assault.

He was sentenced to life with a minimum of 21 years in jail.

Ms Dodd's body has never been found.

Months after the conviction, a psychic joined the search for Hayley, but failed to deliver clues to her resting place.


Hayley Dodd’s body has never been found.
Hayley Dodd’s body has never been found.


The psychic believed 17-year-old Hayley's body was buried five kilometres away from her killer's home, off a quiet stretch of road in Badgingarra.

Margaret Dodd, Hayey's mother, says specially-trained dogs had also picked up a scent in the area.

Her grandchildren even helped dig for an aunty they never met and machinery was brought in to progress the search.

"This spot has come up time and time again basically because this woman truly believes Hayley is there," Mrs Dodd said.

The latest search drew a blank and Mrs Dodd vowed not to undertake another because of the heartbreak it caused her family.

The only exception would be if Hayley's killer reveals where she is buried.

"It put me really, really down, it's messed around with my daughter's head," she said.





Wendy Evans was murdered alongside her best friend. im
Wendy Evans was murdered alongside her best friend. im