Kids need facilities to provide right learning environment

NIGEL Gorman knows how it feels to be "just a number" while going through high school and does not want his own kids to go through the same.

The Barellan Point father was just one parent behind a petition for a new state high school two years ago to accommodate for families living in Karana Downs, Karalee, Mount Crosby and surrounds.

It is a fight that has been ongoing for many years for the residents straddling the border between Ipswich and Brisbane and the latest efforts were unsuccessful.

The only two options for parents is to either send them to Kenmore State High School if they fall under the Moggill electorate or the overcrowded Ipswich State High School.

Ipswich State High is already 'squeezed for space' with more than 1780 students enrolled this year and it is the only public school Mr Gorman could send his kids.

The family felt they had no choice but to enrol their oldest child, who enters high school next year, into a private school and his youngest will follow the same path in a couple of years.

His issue highlights the importance of having adequate public school facilities for Ipswich students as the population continues to skyrocket.

The QT understands the Department of Education has no plans to build another school in the catchment area, believing the current facilities are capable of dealing with the projected growth up until 2030.

A state primary and high school at Ripley will both welcome students when they open next year and Spring Mountain State School opened this year, to keep up with growth in those areas.

But parents clearly feel there are areas that are being overlooked.

"We've got one option. We can go to Ipswich State High school," Mr Gorman said.

"We don't want our kids caught up in that super school... you just become a number.

"We're more than happy for our kids to go to a state school.

"I went to a very large school myself. I didn't get the assistance I needed. My youngest would have fallen through the cracks.

"My understanding is some kids at Karalee that go to Kenmore (State High School) have a 90 minute trip each way on the bus. It's not conducive to a good learning environment for kids."