PROTEST: Renders of the $400
million waste energy plant at Swanbank.
PROTEST: Renders of the $400 million waste energy plant at Swanbank. Contributed

Protest scheduled against city's waste-to-energy incinerator

A PUBLIC protest will be held against a waste-to-energy plant proposed for Ipswich.

Waste company Remondis is considering building a $400 million incinerator at Swanbank.

Ipswich Residents Against Toxic Environments group has planned a public rally on March 9 in opposition to the proposal.

The rally will be held at d'Arcy Doyle Place, Ipswich.

"A similar proposal in Western Sydney this year was met with large protests and was subsequently overturned due to the associated health risks," the event invitation notes.

"Incinerators are harmful to the environment, being a major contributor to greenhouse emissions.

"Harmful dioxins and furans are emitted, and a host of respiratory problems are linked to incinerators."

The waste-to-energy plant will be assessed by the coordinator-general to class it as a coordinated project.

IRATE is encouraging people to attend the rally.

"Ipswich residents are sick of being the dumping ground for Queensland and interstate trash," they said.

"Ipswich needs to show the government, council, Remondis and the wider community that residents do not want to live with a toxic, health-damaging, environmentally disastrous waste incinerator in our city."

Today is also the final day to lodge a submission on BMI's proposal to build a super dump at New Chum.

The application is with the council.

Make a submission by emailing

An earlier version of this story said the Remondis proposal was with the council. This was incorrect. The company is forming its plans.