GBRMPA under pressure as Abbot Pt dredging considered

THE protectors of the Great Barrier Reef are feeling pressure from all sides, as it considers whether to allow an extensive dredging campaign at the Port of Abbot Point, allowing an expansion of the major coal port.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority will decide on Christmas Eve whether to issue a permit to the Queensland Government-owned North Queensland Bulk Ports, who will take charge of the dredging.

Greenpeace Campaigner Louise Matthiesson met with GBRMPA this afternoon to ask the permit be rejected on environmental grounds.

If GBRMPA approves, it will open the door for not just a bigger port but for the large-scale development of coal mines in Central West Queensland's Galilee Basin.

Ms Matthiesson said GBRMPA may be under immense pressure from mining interests but hopes they make the right decision.