Sunrise was slammed for its segment on 'dole bludgers'
Sunrise was slammed for its segment on 'dole bludgers'

'Propaganda': Sunrise segment on 'dole bludgers' slammed

CHANNEL 7's morning show Sunrise has been slammed over its treatment of the Newstart debate, thanks to a "badly phrased" segment that aired this morning.

Host Natalie Barr introduced the segment, throwing to political reporter Olivia Leeming.

"New figures have been released showing just how many dole bludgers are trying to take advantage of the welfare system," Barr read off the teleprompter.

"An alarming number of people on Newstart are being penalised."

They tweeted the segment using the term dole bludgers. 

The figures in question, released by the government, show almost 80 per cent of Newstart recipients have had their payments suspended at least once over the last year.

The government has been accused of targeting "dole bludgers" in an effort to resist growing pressure to increase Newstart.

There was an immediate backlash against Sunrise online, as viewers accused the program of repeating "government propaganda".

Barr herself eventually responded, saying the show had "made a mistake" and the segment was "badly phrased".