The former head of the William Tyrrell investigation has slammed those behind a fake event that claimed it was raising money to help with the probe into the 2014 disappearance of the three-year-old boy.

The fundraiser was promoted on the "Eventbrite" platform by a person using a fake name and representing an entity called NSW News.

"We are inviting guest speaker ex-homicide Detective NSW police, Gary Jubelin to attend among other investigators that have worked alongside Gary including Liz Hayes from Channel 9's (60 Minutes)," the promotion read.

It has almost been seven years since William Tyrrell disappeared. Picture: Supplied
It has almost been seven years since William Tyrrell disappeared. Picture: Supplied

"We will also introduce our new private investigators that will represent NSW News during our investigations into William Tyrrell's disappearance and our new range of team members who will run the investigation," it continued.

Eventbrite has since removed the fraudulent advertisement from its platform and it has been reported to NSW Police.

Jubelin said the event was a scam designed to steal money from vulnerable people.

"Whoever is behind this scam is attempting to profit by exploiting people's decency and grief

by selling tickets to an event that does not exist and calling for donations," Jubelin said.

"Sadly, the type of people this scammer is targeting are the people who genuinely care about what happened to William."

Gary Jubelin has slammed the fake fundraising event.
Gary Jubelin has slammed the fake fundraising event.

Three-year-old William Tyrrell went missing from a property at Kendall on the Mid North Coast of NSW almost seven years ago. It has been a mystery that has left the nation captivated and heartbroken.

Jubelin, the former chief investigator on the case, said the scam was brought to his attention by Clare Collins, managing director of Insight Communications, which runs the official 'Where's William?' campaign.

"Neither Liz Hayes or myself have any involvement or knowledge of what has been

advertised," Jubelin said.

"It is also false to claim there is a new private investigative team working on the case. The

facts are, NSW Police are still investigating William's disappearance and the matter is

currently before the Coroner."

A spokesperson for William Tyrrell's foster family said people's grief should not be exploited.

"We think it is shameful that someone is trying to take advantage of the genuine decent people who have supported us in our efforts to find out what happened to William," the spokesperson said.

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