HERE TO STAY: Ipswich Jet Jacob Teevan will try to lockdown a permanent spot in the Intrust Super Cup nest season.
HERE TO STAY: Ipswich Jet Jacob Teevan will try to lockdown a permanent spot in the Intrust Super Cup nest season. Ipswich Jets

Promising playmaker earns call-up

RUGBY LEAGUE: Poised to return to the Jets against Mackay Jacob Teevan relished his last Intrust Super Cup stint.

The emerging playmaker set a solid foundation and built on it, adding a string to his bow each appearance.

After every game the self-aware young player honestly critiqued his own performance, identified areas requiring improvement and worked on rectifying them.

"It was awesome,” he said of his previous experience.

"I felt like I learned something new each week.

"Each game was a bit different. We played different sort of teams each week.”

Like a sponge he soaked up every bit of knowledge passed onto him by co-coaches Shane and Ben Walker and worked to continually better himself on the field.

Teevan said when he arrived at the Jets he did not want to set unrealistically high expectations and set himself up for disappointment but he had loved his first season at the club.

He said he had high ambition and would look to rack up more notches on his Jets Cup belt next season.

"I've learned so much about footy,” he said.

"I've had a taste of what it is like. I would obviously like to get in next year and secure a spot.”

Noel Goldthorpe and Craig Teevan are ready for the Legends of League. Photo: John McCutcheon / Sunshine Coast Daily.
Former Jets CEO and Queensland player Craig Teevan. John McCutcheon

The son of former Jets CEO Craig Teevan said it had been great having influential assistant coach Kieron Lander on hand this season and he was looking forward to continue to work with him closely next season.

He said the squad was aware of Lander's on-field achievements and had great respect for the champion forward.

He said Lander led pre-season fitness drills from the front and offered players a mentor to which they could easily relate.

"He has been great for us, especially in pre-season where he bears the brunt of it leading drills,” Teevan said.

"He establishes that key motivation guy around the squad.

"He has had a lot of input this year, so I don't think it'll be too different.

"The dynamic will be a little bit different without Ben but I don't think the boys will change too much (next season).

"We (players) have a really good dynamic here with the coaching staff at the Jets.

"To have someone around, and I know there might still be a couple in the team who played in the 2015 grand final, but to just to have someone here that has been there and done it.

"I know the Walkers have been there and done that but Kieron is a bit more recent.

"And he establishes that sort of real mate figure that you can go to at any time and still have a bit of a muck around with, but still respect.”