Producers scouring bars for new Bachelor Jimmy’s love match


With ratings low across The Bachelor Australia franchise last year, producers are working hard to improve the show.

Confidential understands that producers of Jimmy Nicholson's upcoming season of The Bachelor searched for contestants inside local bars and on social media, which has raised questions about the overall casting and vetting process.

Jimmy Nicholson will be the 2021 Bachelor.
Jimmy Nicholson will be the 2021 Bachelor.

"I was having drinks at Ryan's bar (in Sydney) and a producer randomly came up to me about going on the show, it was a bit awkward," one source said.

"I've also been hit up a few times over the years through both my Instagram and Facebook."

Traditionally, singles are encouraged to formally apply for a spot on the show online via MyCastingNet.

It's unclear whether there has been a shortage of online applicants this year.

Confidential has contacted Channel 10 and Warner Bros for comment.

Earlier this week, Beverley McGarvey, chief content officer and EVP, ViacomCBS Australia and New Zealand described the casting process as "not the easiest".

"It's a particular type of show and there are certain cultural groups that don't want to be part of that," McGarvey told TV Tonight.

"That is absolutely fine and it is disrespectful of us to try and encourage particular groups to be part of something they don't want to be part of.

"This year's cast are a great mix of young ladies from a range of backgrounds.

"It's obviously not as representative as a show like MasterChef or perhaps even Survivor or Amazing Race. But we have worked very hard to cast the right show, and also ensure that the cast is representative of the audience that will be watching it."

Jimmy Nicholson.
Jimmy Nicholson.

Filming for season 9 began last week and Nicholson, 31, who is of Kiwi and Fijian heritage, said he's hopeful he will find love on the show, which has produced four out of nine successful couples.

"I feel very fortunate to be the Bachelor 2021. I am ready to open up my heart and meet someone," he said.

"I hope to meet someone with similar values that I can have fun with and that shares the same zest for life as myself.

"The Bachelor franchise has produced many success stories and I hope to be the next."

Last year, Locky Gilbert's season of The Bachelor had 681,000 metro viewers during the August premiere marking the second-lowest opening ahead of Tim Robards' season (669,000).


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Jimmy Nicholson.
Jimmy Nicholson.