Procedure provides ‘opportunity’ to rename Pisasale bridge

THE future of community assets and infrastructure named after former councillors, including disgraced former mayor Paul Pisasale, will again be discussed in the council chambers next week.

A report will be presented to the council's general purposes committee at a meeting on Tuesday, which will be chaired by Division 1 councillor Jacob Madsen.

It was requested by the council at its meeting on May 26.

The report notes the current naming procedure allows the council to consider reviewing or renaming a road or other infrastructure named after someone who has been convicted of an indictable offence against the Criminal Code or an electoral offence contrary to the Local Government Electoral Act 2011, or someone has been convicted of an offence under s153 of the Local Government Act 2009 or similar.

This would provide the opportunity for the council to consider reviewing or renaming Paul Pisasale Bridge in Springfield Central.

Should a name change be recommended, the report states consideration needs to be given to "affected or potentially inconvenienced businesses and residents."

"Any proposed name change shall not proceed unless there is a clear majority (eg 75 per cent) of businesses and residents affected by the proposed change as a result of the consultation process," the report notes.

It noted a road name change can involve "considerable inconvenience" to landowners, including confusion that can come with a change of address, potential costs of adjusting insurance policies and mortgage documents and issues with post and service providers.

The report shows the full list of council assets and infrastructure named after dismissed or resigned councils in accordance with a superseded naming procedure.

These include: David Morrison Way in Springfield Central, Paul Tully Avenue in Collingwood Park, Paul Tully Bridge in Springfield Central, David Pahlke Bridge in Springfield Central, Sheila Ireland Reserve in Redbank Plains and Paul Pisasale Bridgve in Springfield Central.

The report noted Pisasale Drive across Deebing Heights, Purga and Yamanto was proposed to be named by former councillor Charlie Pisasale to honour his parents Giuseppe and Maria.

"However, it is noted that the public recognition of the road name 'Pisasale Drive' is likely to be related to former councillors Paul and Charlie Pisasale," the report notes.

"The relevant sections of the procedure do not apply to the naming of Pisasale Drive, Deebing Heights/Purga/Yamanto."