A prisoner has been sentenced over an attack on a Borallon Correctional Centre officer. Picture: File (AAP Image/Jono Searle)
A prisoner has been sentenced over an attack on a Borallon Correctional Centre officer. Picture: File (AAP Image/Jono Searle)

Prisoner lashes out at officer over parole refusal

A prisoner who lashed out at corrections officers while being led back to his cell has faced sentence this week, with CCTV footage of the attack played in court.

Appearing from jail at Woodford via video-link before Ipswich Magistrates Court, Bradley John Brooks, 30, pleaded guilty to committing a serious assault on a corrective services officer at Ironbark on May 28 last year.

Brooks was an inmate at the Borallon Correctional Centre at the time of the offence.

Prosecutor Sergeant Nicholas Turnbull said Brooks had been in jail since July 2019 with his sentence due to end in January 2023.

The CCTV footage was shown with the incident taking place at 10.13am when Brooks was being returned to his cell after an apparent meeting over his parole application.

Brooks is seen to suddenly throw a punch and the guard takes quick evasive action.

He was not seriously injured by the punch but there was a wrestle afterwards involving several officers, who overpowered Brooks.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said it would appear Brooks was motivated by frustration at having a parole bid turned down.

Sgt Turnbull read the remarks of a Brisbane judge when sentencing Brooks for a previous assault on a prison officer.

It referred to the difficult job prison officers had and that they were vulnerable to attacks from prisoners.

He said Brooks would have issues getting parole but had put himself in that position because of his behaviour.

Defence barrister Scott Neaves sought a jail penalty of six months noting it must be cumulative to his existing sentence.

He said Brooks had been in custody for most of the past four years, and was a person with significant mental health issues.

Mr Kinsella said Brooks had previously been convicted of two serious assaults of a like nature in which he had punched a prison officer and threatened to kill another.

“The offences of violence on your history are reflective of you having difficulties with authorities,” Mr Kinsella said.

Mr Kinsella took into account his health issues and that his existing jail sentence was six years and six months for robbery offences.

He said at the time of the incident Brooks had just received news that his parole had been refused.

He said the prison officer was able to duck the blow and received a graze on the neck.

Mr Kinsella said it was very important to maintain discipline in prisons and sentences should deter others.

Brooks was sentenced to seven months jail and given immediate eligibility to begin his parole application.

The Queensland Times understands there are long delays in the assessment of parole applications.