Principal recounts terrifying home invasion

A GOLD Coast high school principal has dramatically told a court of her terror after her front door was allegedly kicked in by one of the five parents she is suing for more than $1 million in defamation.

Tamborine Mountain State High principal told Southport District Court the incident happened in May last year and left her family feeling "terrified, violated and vulnerable".

She told the court of glass shattering, wood splintering and her two daughters crying hysterically as an enraged Miguel Baluskas allegedly attempted to force his way into their home.

Mrs Brose said she, her husband and three children were watching Australian Idol in bed when she received a phone call from a staff member about a car accident in which it was feared a student had been killed.


There was then a knock at the door which she thought was the police but then heard yelling.

"I heard a male voice say 'I want to see your mother'," Mrs Brose told the court.

She said her husband Peter went to the door and asked who the man was.

"The male voice said 'I'm one of the people you're suing. I want to see your wife, go get her'," Mrs Brose recounted.

She said her husband shut the door and told the man to go away but there was "a loud bang" and the glass began to crack and shatter.

"(My daughters) were standing next to me and were crying and hysterical," she said.

"I said to them 'girls, go upstairs'. At that point, Peter said 'mate, our children are in here, stop it.

"I heard a male voice say 'I want to f---ing kill your wife. I'm going to f---ing expose your wife for everything she's done for the last seven years."

Mrs Brose said the male continued kicking at the front door and she called triple-0.

"I was screaming that the doors were shattering and he was coming into our house," she told the court.

"I was screaming at (her daughters) to get upstairs and hide. Peter then ran to the kitchen and grabbed a knife and ran back to the front door to protect us."

She said the male then kicked through the door and she made eye contact with Mr Baluskas.

"Peter said 'I have a knife mate'," she said.

"He (Mr Baluskas) then turned and ran down the front stairs. He jumped into his car and did not turn on his lights and reversed up the road backwards."

Mrs Brose said the incident made her family feel "violated and vulnerable" and her children "terrified".

She said she had had to increase security at home including installing cameras monitored by all her family's phones.

Mrs Brose said her disabled daughter wanted to know 'when the mean man was coming back' and needed counselling.

The court has previously heard that Mr Baluskas has been charged with threatening violence and wilful damage over the incident and will sentenced next month.