PM aims for trade agreements with Japan, Korea and China

PRIME Minister Tony Abbott is hoping to finalise trade agreements with Japan, Korea and China as he travels through Asia this week.

Mr Abbott touched down in Japan on Sunday, hoping a free trade agreement with the nation, Australia's second-biggest trade partner, would result in better terms for Aussie beef producers.

It is understood the negotiations will centre on a deal to lower Japan's tariffs on Australian beef from 38% to 20%, in return for the end of 5% tariff on Japanese cars exported to Australia.

Mr Abbott said the agreement would be a "win-win" for both parties, and while a deal was not yet signed, all indications point to a likely agreement this week.

The Prime Minister will also head to Korea, for a final signature to be put on a previously negotiated FTA with that nation, before the all-important talks in China.

Some eight years after talks were first announced, the trade agreement with China could be a reality by the end of the week.

However, sticking points over Chinese investment in Australia could delay the agreement, depending on what is offered during the private talks.