Newly-appointed Western Pride SAP director Brian Hastings.
Newly-appointed Western Pride SAP director Brian Hastings.

New Pride coach rich in diverse football skills

IT'S just as well Brian Hastings joins Western Pride with 38 years football coaching experience.

His extensive knowledge of the game and willingness to share successful formulas will be put to good use.

Hastings, 58, has been appointed Skill Acquisition Phase (SAP) director where he will co-ordinate the club's National Premier Leagues under-12 players and mentor other club coaches.

Hastings will also take on additional roles as Queensland Premier League under-20 men's head coach and assistant to Pride senior men's team mentor Andrew Catton.

Having worked with Catton and Pride general manager Pat Boyle in the past, Hastings was happy to cover such a wide spectrum of responsibility.

"I've known the club for a long time and it's just been a little bit far from where I live to come here,'' he said.

But after the latest opportunity arose, the South African-born, Australian citizen thought the time was right.

His impressive resume includes four years as Director of Football at St Joseph's College in Brisbane. He was also a first team coach in the GPS competition during his seven-year stint.

That's where he met Ipswich Grammar School counterpart and the recently appointed Pride head coach Catton.

As director at St Joseph's, Hastings expanded the football program from 138 players to more than 860, also overseeing improved standards for 60 coaches and 52 teams.

The former South African semi-professional and state level midfielder/defender was still playing at Redlands aged 38.

He had previous first team ties with other clubs like North Star and UQ. He ran a youth program at Rochedale from 2008-11.

"We won everything there,'' he said, reflecting on those successes in the-then Brisbane Premier League competition.

Hastings is confident his experience with senior and younger players will be beneficial at Pride.

"I'm probably one of the few guys that can coach under 6s and coach men,'' he said.

"I'm super passionate about the game and believe the biggest thing I have is the ability to talk to people . . . I call it speaking their language.

"I can speak the language of a six-year-old then I could manage an executive who has played 25 or 30 years in top league.

"That way you get them to follow you and do what you want.''

Hastings also wants his coaches to learn what works and apply it.

"If you pick up someone else's drill, you learn it and put your spin on it,'' he said.

With the latest SAP trials complete, Hastings said the focus was improving skills.

"Hopefully if we develop right, the results will come,'' he said.

At senior level, Hastings was keen to bolster the under-20 ranks and offer his opinions to help first-time head coach Catton.