CAR FIRE: Paul Hoge said the car was his pride and joy.
CAR FIRE: Paul Hoge said the car was his pride and joy.

'Pride and joy' up in flames on way to work

FRIDAY might be the light at the end of a long week for some people, but for Paul Hoge, it was off to a very bad start.

Mr Hoge said he was driving along Takalvan St on his way to work this morning when his "pride and joy" Nissan Cima spontaneously burst into flames.

"I pulled up to the traffic lights and I could smell burning but it was only a faint smell," he said.

"I didn't know whether it was from my car or not so I took off but when I looked in the rear-view mirror I could see a foggy patch.

"I opened up the drivers window as I was driving and all of this smoke went ploughing straight past me."


CAR FIRE: The Nissan Cima was totally destroyed.

Mr Hoge said he quickly pulled over and opened up the boot, where he could see flames coming from the top of the fuel tank.

"I ripped my shirt off to try to pat the fire out but quickly realised that wasn't going to work," he said.

"The flames grew higher so I was straight on to Triple 0."


CAR FIRE: Paul Hoge's car went up in flames on the way to work this morning.

Emergency services were quick to come to Mr Hoge's aid with police shutting down the street while fire crews worked to douse the flames.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services spokesman Curtis Yates said the fire was believed to be non-suspicious.

"On arrival the car was well involved in fire, the cause appears to be electrical," he said.

"No one was inside at the time and no one was hurt."


CAR FIRE: Police crews blocked off traffic in the area.

Mr Hoge said he had spent "quite a bit of money" on his beloved car but didn't have insurance.

Despite the incident hampering his morning, he remained in high spirits and told the NewsMail he would now have to "foot falcon" everywhere.


CAR FIRE: Fire fighters were quick to arrive to the scene on Takalvan St.