Beautiful, jelly-like donuts line the shores at Bargara.
Beautiful, jelly-like donuts line the shores at Bargara. Linda Pennington

LITTLE GEMS: 'Pretty, jelly-like doughnuts' dot shoreline

HUNDREDS of transparent, jelly-like blobs have washed onto Bargara Beach, dotting the shoreline in small, doughnut-looking gems.

A bunch of theories over what the pretty blobs were flooded social media on the weekend, with some residents certain the little doughnuts were snail egg sacs, and others convinced they were moon jellyfish.

Llocal Linda Pennington shared a stunning picture of the hundreds of jelly-like balls glittering along the shore.

"Can anybody tell me what these pretty jelly like donuts are," she asked Bundaberg Facebook users.

A number of residents complimented the photo, but a clear consensus on what they were was never reached.

The NewsMail initially reported the blobs were snail egg sacs, however, it is understood if this were the case, the gems would be more crescent shaped.

If you know what the jelly-like doughnuts are, email your thoughts to the NewsMail at