Prepare for growth now or bottleneck will be disastrous

A SLIGHT hiccup in the beginning of construction on a major expansion of the Karalee shopping centre will only delay the inevitable.

Karalee is growing, but when the new shops are finished in less than two years, this area is going to see an unprecedented level of activity.

Add to that the abundance of land for further residential development.

I'm afraid that means the Mt Crosby Rd-Warrego Hwy interchange is going to be even more choked up at peak times. The delay in construction of the new shopping centre may have bought the State Government some time, but will it be enough?

So far, the best we've got is a petition led by Ipswich West MP Jim Madden - a petition he's yet to get a response to.

Congestion on Mt Crosby Rd might be an inconvenience, but the backing up of cars on the off-ramps of the highway is potentially disastrous. This is a problem that needs to be addressed before it gets any worse.