Premier’s warning to protesters after huge turnout


ANNASTACIA Palaszczuk has urged protesters who attended last weekend's massive Black Lives Matter rally in Brisbane to "very closely monitor" their health.

The Premier encouraged those who took part in the 30,000-strong protest to stay home and get tested if they had any symptoms.

"It is going to be crucial over the next two weeks about what are the results of these mass gatherings that happened across Australia," she said today.

"Can I say to the people who did attend, they need to very closely monitor their health."

Ms Palaszczuk insisted that she had made it "very clear" prior to the protest that people should not have gone to the rally, as she was asked why cafes and restaurants were still not allowed to seat more patrons.

"It didn't just happen in Queensland," she said.

"It happened in NSW. I think there were larger crowds in NSW. And of course, there were big crowds in Melbourne as well.

"This happened right across the nation. And it happened right across the world."

The Premier said reconciliation should be something that is aimed for "every single day - not just on one day".

Ms Palaszczuk's comments came as businesses today called on the Government to drop coronavirus restrictions in a fortnight's time if the mass protests do not lead to a second wave of COVID cases.

The tourism industry has suggested the Black Lives Matter march could prove an "unexpected medical experiment" that demonstrates whether remaining restrictions are necessary.


Originally published as Premier's warning to protesters after huge turnout