PREMIER Annastacia Palaszczuk will hold a teleconference with Queensland mayors this afternoon, to discuss measures to stop people travelling in and out of regions.

The Daily Mercury understands the meeting with the police commissioner and mayors will put in place the necessary provisions under disaster management groups for the travel crackdown.

Mackay MP Julieanne Gilbert said while the majority of residents were doing the right thing, others were continuing to ignore the premier's warning for people to stay home.

"I received an email from a person who said they drove from Mackay to Townsville on Friday," Mrs Gilbert said.

Mackay MP Julieanne Gilbert.
Mackay MP Julieanne Gilbert.

"What I am shocked about is that people don't see these rules as applying to them.

"If you're not an essential service, go home."

The police commissioner has warned people can be booked for non-essential travel.

The fines for failing to obey this are about $1300.

Queensland Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young told Mackay media on Friday that there was a border around every home in Queensland and those who crossed it needed a good reason for doing so.