Pregnant woman 'shocked' after testing positive for meth

A PREGNANT woman couldn't hold back tears as a magistrate handed down parenting advice in the Dalby Magistrates Court this week.   

Tiffany Ann Rose Laurie appeared on two drug driving charges.   

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Jodie Tahana told the court on March 16, Laurie's vehicle was intercepted on the Warrego Highway where she tested positive for methamphetamine.   

She again tested positive four months later when she was intercepted by a static roadside drug testing unit on Nicholson St.  

Defence lawyer Michael Corbin told the court his client was "completely surprised" and "very distressed" by the positive drug test.   

He told the court Laurie ceased use of the drug as soon as she found out she was pregnant, about a week and a half after the first offence, and could only explain the positive test as a result of someone using passing through her house.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop was unconvinced by the explanation.   

"The reality is methamphetamine doesn't stay in your system for that long ... somehow it got there," she said.   

Mr Corbin told the court the positive drug test sparked a child protection investigation as Laurie is 25 weeks pregnant with four other children in the regular care of her and her partner.   

She was cleared from investigation after passing two urine drug tests.  

Ms Mossop handed down a lesson on parenting when delivering her sentence.  

"If you are silly enough to use drugs, particularly when you're pregnant, you now know what is at stake," she said.

"Sometimes bad things happen at a good time... this is an opportunity for you to get off drugs and concentrate on being a good parent."  

Laurie pleaded guilty to two offences of driving while relevant drug was present.  

Ms Mossop fined Laurie and disqualified her from driving for a total of two months.