A pregnant woman drove at her partner after he called her a dirty sl*t. She pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.
A pregnant woman drove at her partner after he called her a dirty sl*t. She pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

Pregnant woman uses car as weapon over ‘dirty sl*t’ slur

A heavily pregnant Marian woman was labelled "extremely hormonal" after she drove her car at her baby's father after he called her a "dirty sl*t".

The pair had been arguing on April 12, 2020 and he walked off on Tolchers Ln.

Six weeks away from giving birth Ngatupuna Moenoa Kairae could not keep up on foot, so she jumped in her car to follow.

Mackay Magistrates Court heard he called her names including "dirty sl*t", which made her angry and she wanted him to stop.

"So you make the snap decision at that point to drive your vehicle towards him," Magistrate Bronwyn Hartigan said, as she jailed Kairae for 12 months.

CCTV cameras captured the incident. He ran up onto the footpath near a tree and Kairae followed, also onto the footpath in pursuit.

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The court heard he ran back onto the road and had to dodge from side to side to avoid being struck by the car before running into the bush.

"Using a motor vehicle as a weapon is considered very serious by the courts and the community," Ms Hartigan said.

A bystander witnessed the incident and called police. Kairae pleaded guilty to dangerous driving as a domestic violence offence.

Defence solicitor Peter Clark, of Strutynski Law, said his client had not intended to hit her partner.

"She did however intend to shock him," Mr Clark said.

"She was extremely hormonal at the time." The court heard Kairae had wanted him to stop calling her names.

Mr Clark told the court his language had "caused the response".

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The pair have since reconciled and live together at Marian, raising their daughter.

Her victim, the father of her baby, sat in the courtroom gallery cradling their child as Kairae learned if she would actually be sent to jail.

Ms Hartigan said jail should be imposed "to reflect the seriousness of the offending" and for general deterrence.

"To send a message to people in the community that anger with your partner is not to be met with driving your vehicle at them," Ms Hartigan said.

"I accept that emotions were running high at the time."

She released Kairae, who had a limited criminal history, on immediate parole and also reduced the disqualification period to six months because of the mitigating circumstances.

She was also fined $300. A conviction was recorded.

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