Pregnancy hoax failed to deliver the goods

LIKE Baldric used to say on Blackadder, "Sir, I have a cunning plan".

I am supposing that was the conversation when the so-called geniuses at Mooloolaba hatched the story about the pregnant 10-out-of-10 French girl looking for her unborn child's father, who she supposedly met at O'Malleys.

Fair dinkum, how could you call that a strategy to get more people to Mooloolaba?

I have to say it is about as left field as it gets and in pretty poor taste.

I suppose if it hadn't been revealed as a load of bulls**t there would have been a conga line of males prancing around the streets, trying to figure out whether they had taken home a French tourist and then conveniently forgotten about it.

As they say, any publicity is good publicity, but surely the envelope has been pushed a bit far in this instance.

There are all sorts of rumours around about it and I am not sure what is fact or fiction.

But surely there are better ways to market things than making a story up like that.

I have heard that maybe it was done to try and claw back punters to the Mooloolaba area because the Ocean St precinct is going so well. Surely that isn't true.

In my view - but firstly taking my competitive hat off, being at Alex - I applaud what they have done down in Ocean St and it just makes the rest of us look at different strategies to compete.

I know what I like about where I am - at the Alex surf club - compared to where Ocean St is, but it is up to me to market to the right audience.

One of the problems is that the Mooloolaba end of town has had a pretty good run for a long period - plenty of money spent on park upgrades and public facilities that go hand in hand with bars and restaurants and a pretty nice surf club.

The foreshore development has worked its way north, so Alex and Maroochydore are benefiting as well.

However, the competition is pretty hot through the whole area and now of course with Ocean St firing, everyone has to be on their game.

As I said, I know where I would rather be. Ocean views versus Ocean St is a no-brainer for me, but plenty of people would disagree and good luck to them.

Something we tend to forget, though, is there is more to the Sunshine Coast than the beach.

Take Nambour, for instance, which is getting into the live entertainment business as well, although judging by a frequent letter writer to the Daily, they still haven't managed to get outdoor exercise equipment like most parts of the Coast.

Maybe if they get on to the folk who did the bogus video and release one of Elvis being alive, well and living in Nambour, it would go viral as well.

Thank you very much. The French tourist has left the building.