Cade Banditt.
Cade Banditt. David Nielsen

Power play plus: Why Ipswich keeper loves extra work

AS A goalkeeper, Cade Banditt endures extra pressure under the Australian Hockey League (AHL)'s new power play rules.

However, always up for a challenge, Banditt welcomes teams being given an additional incentive to score goals.

"I don't mind it. I get more action,'' the Ipswich talent said.

Banditt, 20, guarded the net for the Queensland Blades in Saturday night's 5-1 AHL loss to Tassie Tigers at the State Hockey Centre in Brisbane.

Under normal playing conditions, that would have been registered as a 3-1 defeat.

However, as Tasmania scored during their allocated power play period, they got rewarded with extra goals.

Tasmania took their PumpPlay in the final five minutes and they capitalised when top scorer Sam McCambridge netted in the 60th minute, before converting.

Banditt had earlier made a crucial save to keep Queensland in the game trailing 2-1.

Just back from representing the Australian under-21 side in Malaysia, Banditt was a fan of the innovative extra goal approach.

"Each team at the start elects to have a power play either in the last five minutes of the first half or the last five minutes of the second half,'' he said.

"So each goal from there on is worth double.

"If they score in a power play, they get a conversion so they have the opportunity if they score a field goal, to have a one-on-one with the keeper, which can lead to another goal.

"It's more exciting and makes it more like a Big Bash hockey league.''

Losing to table-topping Tasmania left the Blades waiting for confirmation who they play in the AHL quarter-finals starting on Thursday at the Gold Coast.

Having shared in Queensland's silver medal-winning performance making his AHL debut last year, Banditt is keen to earn another high level opportunity.

"There's a selection each week for the team,'' he said.

"They only take one keeper away at a time for each game so I'm waiting on that.

"Hopefully my efforts in the Tassie game were enough.''

Meanwhile, the Queensland Scorchers will play the Northern Territory Pearls in their AHL women's quarter-final this weekend.

The Scorchers beat Tassie Van Demons 15-0 in their latest round game in Brisbane.

That secured the Scorchers top spot for the finals.

Ipswich product Jordyn Holzberger scored in the 39th minute during the goal rout.

Another Ipswich talent Layla Eleison made her AHL debut for Queensland in earlier round matches in this year's annual national series.