You never know what will brighten your day on a cycling trip to work.
You never know what will brighten your day on a cycling trip to work. xavierarnau

Power of love can bring back a smile

Folks, I like to think I'm fairly positive sort of person, and I do mean "think”, because whenever I say it aloud Long Suffering Wife has one of her coughing fits.

Still, even we Pollyanna people have our low days.

It could be due to a number of factors, or a combination of things, like lack of sleep, a long period of inactivity, a big week at work, a head cold or losing the will to live after watching three home renovation shows in a row.

Whatever the causes, sometimes my internal battery will lose its charge and turn my mood from positive to negative.

This was the case last week when I developed a bad case of the "Blahs”. Still, mustn't grumble, so I pedalled off to work determined to focus on positive thoughts.

Even reciting my lengthy list of Things to be Grateful For didn't do the trick, so I decided to plump for a good old-fashioned moan under my breath instead.

"Is it really too much to ask, O Lord,” I grumbled.

"Six lousy little numbers and two supplementaries.

"Seriously, what's the hold up?”

I was getting warmed up when I spied a large woman up the road jumping for joy next to a parked car. As I approached, she rushed to hug a small man who was standing in a nearby yard.

Now, I'll be the first to admit I'm no oil painting and therefore not in a position to judge, but both of these people had been dealt a particularly poor hand of cards when it came to looks. Except, they looked radiantly, joyously happy.

It struck me, like a well-aimed half brick, they had just fallen in love.

They kissed and hugged as I cycled by, gawping as I pedalled. Their new-found love may have given them wings, but it gave me a much-needed energy boost too.

I've been positively buzzing ever since.