Rodney Halls and Ken Millers at the Allawah campgrounds in Chuwar.
Rodney Halls and Ken Millers at the Allawah campgrounds in Chuwar. Contributed

Potential secret sale at campgrounds angers Scouts

FEARS are growing within Scout groups across the district that part of their campgrounds in Chuwar could be sold off after surveyor pegs were spotted on the property.

People who discovered the pegs on the 25.5ha Allawah campsite were left angered at the discovery, saying there was no consultation from owners the Scout Association of Australia Queensland Branch Inc.

Ken Millers, now 67, joined the Scouts when he was eight years old, and also worked as a leader and a regional co-ordinator within the organisation.

He was one of a small group of people who found the pegs on the campgrounds.

He said the decision to sell off parts of the land was a "bad decision".

"The Scout Association bought the site in 1932 and it has been the site of many, many Scout and non-Scout adventures over the past 87 years," Mr Millers said.

"The fact they want to sell off a portion of that land without any consultation is just wrong.

"You would have thought out of pure courtesy they would have at least conferred with us, but there have been no emails, no phone calls, no letters, no nothing.

"Selling off part of this land is not going to advantage anyone in this region. It is going to disadvantage us. It's going to be a big disadvantage for the next 50 or even 100 years."

Scouts caters for young people aged between six and 25 years old and gives them opportunities to grow and learn life skills.

Mr Millers, who has spent countless hours at the Ipswich campgrounds, said it was a special place for both young and old to enjoy.

"Not only do we cater for Scouts, but also for Girl Guides, the schools, local churches, and anyone else who wants to utilise the site," he said.

"This is a key resource for the area. It's right on the Brisbane River and has spectacular facilities to develop youth programs.

"The ashes of two former leaders have also been interred out there."

Mr Millers plans to call a community meeting to discuss the possible sale of land. He will also extend an invitation to the general managers and regional co-ordinators to attend.

Scout Association of Australia Queensland Branch Inc general manager Dougal Mayor did not elaborate on what their plans were for the site, but in a statement said they had an "obligation to use its resources wisely".

"Scouts Queensland is proud of its 111-year history delivering the largest youth leadership development program in the state. In order to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our members - past, present, and future - Scouts Queensland has an obligation to use its resources wisely," Mr Mayor said.

"The proposed sale of a parcel of largely unused land, owned by Scouts Queensland, will benefit our members without compromising their opportunity to develop leadership and outdoor adventure skills."