Postal vote only in the Lockyer

LOCKYER Valley residents are being urged to remember to vote early this year.

Voting in the council election for the Lockyer Valley Region Council will be conducted solely by postal vote this year.

Rather than opening polling booths the council decided to restrict voting to post only in order to minimise the election's expense.

Residents of the Valley will receive their ballot papers in the mail.

Electors must complete their ballots before 6pm on the day of the election and return them immediately.

The council applied for the vote to be converted to postal votes only late last year after the Local Government Act was amended to allow councils with large rural areas to dispense with official polling booths.

Lockyer Valley Mayor Steve Jones said the decision was made in order to minimise the costs to the council of holding the election.

"Operating polling booths across the region is a huge cost impost, so council was keen to implement the postal voting system," he said.