PornHub releases new stats on what users are searching for

THE planet's most popular porn site, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, has an astounding 75 million visitors from around the world every day.

But while we've been watching Pornhub, the sex-streaming behemoth has been watching us back - amassing so much data on its users' ever-expanding sexual fantasies that it is now what New York magazine calls in its latest issue "the Kinsey Report of our time".

Thanks to Pornhub's careful accounting of its whopping 10-million-video catalogue, we now know, for example, that millennials are very into "cosplay" smut - or canoodling in costume.

We also know that women in Brazil and the Philippines are big fans of the site.

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And that the average time users spend browsing the site's "Redheads" category is 6 min 37 seconds. (As opposed to the average 11 minutes and 13 seconds users spend browsing "Old/Young".)

Often, our interests in porn align with current events. Last year, for example, after Kim Kardashian was robbed, "burglar" became the second-fastest-growing search category, according to the New York Post.

Searches for "Cuban maid" spiked last November after Fidel Castro died. And on Election Night last year, Pornhub's overall traffic grew 10 percent immediately after Donald Trump officially won.

More presidential porn trivia: In early January, when unconfirmed rumors of a "pee tape" involving the president first surfaced, searches for "golden showers" spiked by 289 per cent. But more often, porn trends seem to rise and fall independent of current events.

How else do you explain the sudden 2012 spike in demand among Pornhub users for yoga porn?

"Taken as a whole," New York's Maureen O'Connor writes in the June 12-25 issue, Pornhub's "vast trove of smut is the Kinsey Report of our time, shedding light on the multiplicity of erotic desires and sexual behaviors in our midst."

In both North and South America, the most-popular category among women is "lesbian". Midnight is the most popular time to watch porn.

Pornhub traffic declines by 45 per cent on Christmas Eve - only to spike to 34 per cent above average early on Christmas morning.

Searches for "elf" go up 464 percent around Christmas.

Traffic to Pornhub drops 17 per cent after 6pm on Valentine's Day. On Father's Day, searches for "dad" and "daddy" went up 1,361 per cent.

Women Pornhub users search for well-endowed men most often in DC, Mississippi and Georgia, and least often in Vermont, Utah and Maine.

This story originally appeared in the New York Post