Angle's Kitchen owner Angelina Chen is moving her business.
Angle's Kitchen owner Angelina Chen is moving her business.

Popular restaurant takes tasty favourites to new location

A POPULAR Chinese restaurant located in the heart of Ipswich is in the process of relocating across town.

Angelina Chen opened Ange's Kitchen at the five ways a year ago.

She served her last meal there at the weekend.

Budget restrictions have now forced the restaurant to move shop.

Angelina's husband Mark McVea said while they needed to move, business was still going strong.

"It's gone from strength to strength. The amount of people that contact us on Facebook. She's got over 1058 people following her now. It's good in that respect," he said.

"The last two nights were just ridiculous with the amount of sales that we made. It was nearly $5000 in sales.

"Depending how our licence goes with council, we hope to be re-open and back by the 10th of May."

Mr McVae said he believed the restaurant proved popular because there "is no Chinese like it".

"We make everything from scratch, including the sauces. Nothing is processed, nothing is frozen, except for our meats, which we have to bring in," he said.

"The difference also too, being homemade and everything, it doesn't have any MSG. We know exactly what's in it."

Angelina said her crunchy pork, sweet and sour pork and honey chicken had been some of the more popular dishes in the past year.

She said she was grateful the community appreciated her cooking.

"Because cooking is my passion, I wanted to share my cooking to my customer, to my friends and to everyone," she said.

Ange's Kitchen will now be located behind Blair State School at 31 Challinor Street, Sadliers Crossing.