CHEERS: 4 Hearts Brewing head brewer Ken Friend with a glass of the newest batch of Wabbit Saison Carrot Beer.
CHEERS: 4 Hearts Brewing head brewer Ken Friend with a glass of the newest batch of Wabbit Saison Carrot Beer. Cordell Richardson

You made beer out of what now?

TASTING the finished product was a lot more fun than chopping, steaming and blending 60kg of carrots but that's all part of the process of bringing back a unique Ipswich beer.

First developed in 2015 as a way to reduce food waste in collaboration between 4 Hearts Brewing and Kalfresh Vegetables, Wabbit Saison Carrot Beer has made a return after a two year absence.

The name of the vibrant orange drink is a nod to Bugs Bunny and his nemesis Elmer Fudd.

Head brewer Ken Friend has adapted the original recipe after regularly seeing punters roll in and ask for a schooner of the unique craft beer, only to have to tell them it wasn't available.

"What we've done (previously) was use carrot juice and use it later in the process," he said.

"This time we wanted to incorporate the carrot earlier on and try to get some enzymes present in the malt to convert some of the starches in the carrot and just get a little bit more bit flavour out of it.

"They were chopped, steamed and blended then the mash itself was added with the rest of the grains.

"We've used 60kg of carrots in this batch, which is about 25 per cent by weight."

At 3.8 per cent, it is lower in alcohol than the last iteration and Mr Friend said it was "easy drinking" with a subtle carroty undertone.

"It's quite dry, earthy with really subtle Belgian saison characteristics to it," he said.

It will be served at 4 Hearts as part of their official can launch on Saturday alongside four other beers and will be on tap going forward.

The carrot beer will also be available at the Winter Harvest Festival on July 6 at Aratula.

"It's good to have it back," he said.

"It's something a little bit different and something a little bit fun."

The farm workers who have tried it at Kalfresh certainly enjoyed it.  

Between June and December the Scenic Rim is responsible for producing up to 90 per cent of Australian carrots.

"It's a perfect match," Kalfresh CEO Richard Gorman said.

"We are crazy about carrots and this season expect to grow, harvest and pack more than 255-million carrots which will be sold in supermarkets and produce stores up and down the east coast of Australia.

"Each year we focus on how we can reduce food waste by selling 100 per cent of the carrots we harvest, even the wonky, split and marked ones."

4 Heart Brewing's official can launch will be held on Saturday from 5pm. Cans will be available from 12pm.