Pollies voice concerns over sports doping investigation

LABOR MPs have expressed concerns about the length of time being taken to investigate the drugs in sport scandal.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Sports Minister Kate Lundy fielded a number of questions about the matter from their caucus colleagues on Tuesday.

Drugs in sport was front page news again on Tuesday with a Daily Telegraph report raising questions about the ASADA probe.

The story revealed the NRL had offered ASADA financial help to expedite its investigation.

Senator Lundy told caucus ASADA had not asked for additional resources.

Nor would the government be directing ASADA how to direct the investigation, Senator Lundy said, making the point it was an independent body.

One questioner made specific mention of the Cronulla Sharks and the allegations of drug use surrounding the club.
The MP said it was unfair every player at the club was being branded a cheat.

Another questioner made the point the drip-feeding of information from ASADA was creating confusion and in the community and among fans.