SERVANTS: Pollies are there to serve the people.
SERVANTS: Pollies are there to serve the people. LUKAS COCH

Pollies should remember they are our servants

WE MAY have what we think is fair, honest and democratic political and electoral system but it has one glaring flaw in its construction.

It lacks a suitable way of supervising the political activities of our politicians and keeping them fully engaged in their political duties.

Our current processes allow too much freedom for our politicians to do what they want to do.

We need to introduce much stronger control measures to combat poor political performances, erratic decisions, low work output, low productivity and occasional financial abuse.

As our employees they are responsible for the delivery of honest, fair political outcomes and ensuring they provide continuous productive service and support to the community throughout the time that they remain in office.

They must also be made aware they are public servants, not society's elite and that there is more to a political career than high salaries, endless financial indulgence, endless free travel and other fringe entitlements..

At the moment politicians are allowed to exert too much influence over their career structures,salaries and benefits and it should be disallowed.

They should be made to understand that they are not employed for their benefit they are there for ours and should conduct themselves accordingly.

We need a to introduce a process or a set of rules where pressure can be applied to politicians to ensure they adequately perform and discharge their duties and deliver the appropriate outcomes to the electorate they need and desperately want.


Silkstone Queensland