Pollies divided down party lines over same-sex marriage

POLITICIANS across the region are divided down party lines as to whether they will support the reintroduction of same-sex civil unions in the sunshine state.

The legislation will be debated when State Parliament resumes next week - the final sitting week of the year.

The reintroduction of same-sex civil unions was an election commitment Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk made while on the campaign trail earlier this year.

Similar legislation was introduced under Labor's Anna Bligh in 2011 before the LNP under Campbell Newman scrapped the legislation in 2012 within months of winning office.

Ipswich MP Jennifer Howard said she would support the legislation when it is debated next week.

She said the former government's decision to scrap the legislation was a petty act.

"It is a small thing we can do to show our support for same-sex couples," she said.

Ipswich West MP Jim Madden, who was a member of the committee overseeing the legislation's formation, said he would support it.

"One of the first acts of the previous LNP government was to scrap this legislation," he said.

"We are simply reinstating the right people previously had to hold a civil ceremony."

Opposition Leader Lawrence Springborg said his MPs would be allowed a free, or conscience vote, on the issue.

Several high-profile opposition MPs, including former treasurer Tim Nicholls, have taken to social media this week to express their support for the legislation.

Lockyer MP Ian Rickuss said he would not support the legislation when it is debated next week.

"I have no disrespect for adult couples, of any gender, who wish to be in a consenting relationship," he said.

"This is just a political stunt . . . we will be having a national plebiscite on the issue in the near future so let the nation decide.

"But I understand that it was one of Labor's election commitments."

The Queensland Times contacted Beaudesert MP Jon Krause on Wednesday but he did not return several calls.

Controversial Bundamba MP Jo-Ann Miller she planned on supporting the legislation despite voting against it in 2011.

"Times change. Previously, when I voted against, there was a free vote and it was not an election commitment," she said.

"This time we will be voting on a commitment we took to the election."

Do you support the reintroduction of same-sex civil unions?

This poll ended on 03 December 2015.

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