2019 Ipswich Cup
2019 Ipswich Cup Rob Williams

Police weigh in on Ipswich Cup crowd behaviour

POLICE and organisers were left impressed by an "extremely well behaved" Ipswich Cup crowd.

In attendance alongside the more than 20,000 racegoers were 100 police officers and 150 security guards.

Ipswich Inspector Keith McDonald said there were about six arrests over the course of the day and night but he could not confirm final figures.

There were three people arrested at the Bundamba Racecourse itself, which is down on last year.

"There was nothing significant that occurred, so it was a good night," Insp McDonald said.

"There was the normal number of ejections of people who just had too much to drink.

"Overall we were very impressed and pleased with the behaviour of everybody. The day went extremely well."