TWO Ipswich mothers were lucky to escape serious injury or worse after alleged incidents involving juveniles throwing rocks at passing vehicles on the Ipswich Motorway this week.

Tammy Delaforce of Goodna was on her way to pick up her children from school on Tuesday afternoon when a rock flew through the window and struck her across the face as she passed Redbank Plaza.

"There was quite a bit of traffic," she said.

"I wasn't the only car they hit. There was at least two others that I noticed ahead of me who also got hit.

Dashcam footage provided by Karen Sharrad
Dashcam footage provided by Karen Sharrad

"It was extremely scary. I was doing 100km/h, then out of nowhere I had the rock come through my window. Lucky (the window) was down."

Ms Delaforce said the rock had been thrown at her by what looked like a group of three teenage boys standing on the concrete barrier beside the motorway.

Although the object only left a small mark on her cheek, she said the traumatic situation could have turned out much worse.

"(I'm) just thankful my son and daughter were not in the car because I had to swerve and almost hit another car," she said.

"Had the rock been bigger who knows what would have happened to me, my car or others if I'd hit them when I swerved.

"They need to know how lucky they were that nobody was killed or (seriously) injured.

Just a day later, Karen Sharrad of Raceview was travelling under the Goodna overpass when her windscreen was cracked by a rock she believes had been thrown from above.

Ms Sharrad captured the incident on her dashcam and she said the footage shows a group of four children standing on the overpass.

She too was lucky to escape relatively unscathed and said after posting her story on Facebook, many others shared similar incidents that had happened at Goodna.

"They should have been at bloody school," she said.

"Parents need to teach their kids right from wrong and the dangers of doing this sort of thing."

She passed on the footage to police.

A Queensland Police Service spokesperson said local police are conducting targeted patrols in the area where the reported incidents have occurred and urge anyone with information to contact them.

"There have been a number of recent reports of juveniles throwing rocks at vehicles in the Goodna and Redbank areas," they said.

"Police are investigating after a 47-year-old Raceview woman had her vehicle windscreen damaged as she was driving on the Ipswich Motorway westbound near the Albert St pedestrian overpass at Goodna about noon on February 20.

"She believes her vehicle was struck with a rock that was thrown from the overpass."

"The woman was not injured and investigations are ongoing."

The spokesperson said throwing rocks or projectiles at vehicles is reckless and dangerous and can result in serious injury to motorists and criminal charges for offenders.

Although Ms Delfaforce said she reported what had happened to police at Redbank who were quick to the scene, police could not comment on the incident.