CMC Rocks on Saturday.
CMC Rocks on Saturday. Rob Williams

Police praise CMC crowd for good behaviour

QUEENSLAND Police praised CMC Rocks festival-goers for their general good behaviour.

Ipswich's top cop, Inspector Keith McDonald said the offending was all in the minor range.

Police reports from Sunday show there were only about 10 offences at the festival, mostly ranging from minor drug offences, low-range drink driving, public nuisance and public urination.

"They behaved themselves extremely well," Insp McDonald said.

"Any offence is not good, but the fact of the matter is there were a few instances of people driving the next day after a big night.

"They were intercepted by us and that's disappointing, people still don't seem to heed the warnings and take into consideration they may still affected by alcohol or drugs."

Insp McDonald said police also assisted in the flow of traffic, making this year's event smoother for festival-goers.

"Primarily it's just about making everyone safe. We had an additional command post for the big camping area inside the Queensland raceway (this year)."

Police were also patrolling camp sites.

"We had mounted units out there - they're good at spotting things - and trail bikes constantly patrolling the camp site to make sure people didn't do anything silly," Insp McDonald said.

"If something did happen we could respond in a timely manner."