The crash scene at Gunalda.
The crash scene at Gunalda. Contributed / Clayton's Towing F

Police plead for road safety after 4 killed in 1 week

IT HAS been a horrific start to the Easter holiday season on Fraser Coast roads, as a Glenwood woman was killed in a tragic crash on the Bruce Hwy at Gunalda.

The fatal crash happened less than a week after a crash, again on the Bruce Hwy near Gunalda, killed two children and a man from Brisbane last Sunday.

As officers continue to investigate the cause of both incidents, Regional Queensland Road Policing Operations Inspector Peter Flanders said every fatal crash was "an incredible waste of human life".

"[As a police officer] you feel personally devastated that people have lost their lives, but as a police officer involved in this part of policing long time, I can't help but get frustrated and angry," Insp Flanders said.

"These two incidences and almost every other crash on the road is utterly and completely preventable.

"It's not the car, it's not the road, it is the drivers of vehicles putting something other than the driving task before the driving task, and result in getting in serious or fatal crashes."

The inspector over this holiday period, drivers needed to slow down while driving in wet weather, check the safety of the roads before leaving and always keep in mind the immense responsibility they had while behind the wheel.

The officer said it was an "absolute tragedy" when families almost make it to their holiday destinations, take a risk and don't make it.

"No matter what, your family and your friends are the most important things in your life so drive with that in mind," Insp Flanders said.

"Whether you're the person at fault or not, if you're the survivor of a crash where there's been a fatality, you can't shut it off, it stays with you for the rest of your life."

Insp Flanders said there was "absolutely no difference" between a death caused by murder and a death caused by a crash.

"The community jumps up and down and cries out when we have a murder and I'm not belittling that, but it is no different than a road death," he said.

"Road deaths have an incredible ripple effect, because there are so many families, immediate and extended who are affected by that one crash."